OT makes a big difference for a boy with a sensory processing disorder

A sensory processing disorder and learning disability made it difficult for Gregg to perform well in school and make friends. He was always chewing on the front of his shirt, to the point where it would get soaked almost right down to the waist and his parents had to make sure he always had extra shirts on hand.

Gregg’s gym teacher talked with Gregg’s parents and suggested they find an OT. In addition to weekly therapy to develop sensory processing, the OT worked with Gregg and his parents to find something else for Gregg to chew on that would be more socially acceptable. One idea was for Gregg to wear a Chewelry necklace, which is designed to be chewed on safely. At first Gregg did not want to bring the necklace to school. His parents spoke with the gym teacher, who asked for his own Chewelry necklace and started wearing it to class. This made Gregg feel comfortable using his necklace at school. He no longer chews on his shirts and now feels more comfortable among his classmates.