Find an Occupational Therapist (OT)

OT in Ontario

Occupational therapists help people of all abilities live life to the fullest. You’ll find them in almost every part of the health care system in Ontario. You’ll also find OTs in schools, in the workplace and in many community support agencies. Visit your family doctor or contact your local home and community care support program. They can recommend publicly funded OT services in your community for which you may be eligible.

Private OT Services Search Tool

If you are seeking private occupational therapy services, use the Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists’ (OSOT) online search tool which can link you directly with occupational therapists who accept referrals for private services in your area.

Some extended health insurance plans pay for occupational therapy services, usually up to a maximum amount. If your health insurance policy does not cover OT services, you can send a letter to your employer or your insurance company requesting OT coverage on your plan. Download a sample letter of request: Letter to my employer | Letter to my insurance company

If you have any general questions, you can contact the OSOT office at 1-877-676-6768 (local to Toronto – 416-322-3011).