How can I benefit from OT?

Adapt at Work

What do you do when a health issue makes it hard to do your job? For a 43-year old executive named Samara, returning to work as she recovered from cancer became easier with the help of an OT. As Samara quickly learned, an OT can ease your return to work by providing rehabilitative therapy, education and resources to help you manage any physical or mental health challenges you may experience on the job. Read Samara’s story.

OTs can help you develop or regain the skills you need to do your job with confidence, at any stage of your working life, including:

Entering the workforce

If you have a physical or mental health issue, an OT can help you get back to work. Your OT will work with you to improve your work skills, and develop your job search and interviewing skills including how to answer employers’ questions about your abilities. Your OT will also talk to employers about workplace accommodations for persons with disabilities, and suggest how they can help you work in a safe environment.

Returning to the workforce

Working with you and your employer, your OT can assess if you are ready and prepare a realistic return-to-work plan. To ensure your safe and successful return to work, this plan may recommend that you start with light duties for just a few hours a day and then slowly build up as you become more comfortable at work.

Preventing workplace injuries, illness or stress

OTs are an important resource for workers and employers who want to address work-related pain, stress, and discomfort. With their knowledge of ergonomics, OTs can assess the work environment and suggests changes, such as a new piece of equipment or an improved work process that includes regular breaks. OTs can also develop and deliver stress management education programs.

Leaving the workforce

For some people, making the change from the workplace to retirement is easy, but for others it is stressful. An OT can help you through this important life change and help you find new things to do that you will enjoy.

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