Individual Education Plan helps James make the grade

School had become tough for James. The Grade 3 student couldn’t seem to finish his written work on time and did not do well in gym activities. He also had trouble tying his shoelaces and using a knife and fork.

James was referred to an OT, who started by studying his skills. The OT found James had problems with printing, forming letters and using lines, and noticed in gym class that he had poor coordination and ball skills. A psychoeducational test suggested by the OT found that James had a learning disability in writing.

The OT worked with James’ mother and special education teacher to revise James’ Individual Education Plan (IEP) to include providing extra time for writing tasks, a scribe who could support him during EQAO tests (province-wide testing), keyboard training, and access to a laptop.

As a result of the OT’s work, James got better at doing tasks at school and at home. He got EQAO scores at his grade level, learned to tie not only his shoelaces but also his belt for karate, and could easily use a knife and fork at the table. The OT also helped James’ father. After attending a parent education night on coordination challenges, he understood why his son could not throw a Frisbee straight. He became less frustrated now that he had the knowledge and tools to help James.

“So many good things have come from him having an Individual Education Plan,” James’ mother wrote the OT. “Thank you so much for helping my son.”