Success Stories

Discover how OT has empowered people to do more and live better with creative and comprehensive solutions.


OT supports a cancer patient as she gradually returns to work

After recovering from breast cancer, Samara wondered if she would able to manage all the work she had before she got cancer. The OT helped Samara and her employer create a schedule that would ease Samara into her duties at work.

OT strategies help Sam cope with the effects of a stroke

After being admitted to hospital because of a stroke, Sam needed a lot of help with the activities of daily living. The OT found that Sam had "unilateral neglect" and worked with him to develop a plan, including ways to increase his awareness of his left side.

Woman with a spinal cord injury finds a new wheelchair and the confidence to drive again

Ramya, an independent 30-year-old, wanted to drive again but felt anxious about getting behind the wheel after her accident. While fitting her for a new wheelchair, her OT suggested a driver rehab program where Ramya could learn to drive with hand controls.

Promoting the employment rights of people with mental illness

An OT study found that northern communities did not have enough employment services for people with mental illness, and this affected employment rates in the area. A community project was created, resulting in improved employment rates in the region for people with mental illness.

Troubled preteen transformed by early occupational therapy intervention

Jesse, 12, had a history of hospitalizations for mood and behavioural problems. His aggression led to multiple school suspensions and he felt unloved and unwanted. Work-based sessions with an occupational therapist transformed Jesse and helped lead him down a healthier future path.

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