Success Stories

Discover how OT has empowered people to do more and live better with creative and comprehensive solutions.


OT strategies and education helps Betty manage safely at home

Betty, 78, became isolated, rarely leaving her home. By the time she completed her OT plan, Betty was feeling much more confident in her home and in her ability to once again be part of her community.

Individual Education Plan helps James make the grade

School had become tough for James - he couldn’t seem to finish his written work on time and did not do well in gym activities. As a result of the OT intervention, James got better at doing tasks at school and at home.

OT strategies bring great results for kindergarten student and his class

Cody’s poor fine motor skills, problems working with a group, and sensitivity to loud noises were making it hard for him to learn in school. The result of his work with an OT? Cody seems much happier now than he was at the start of the school year.

OT takes Sarah’s writing from hard-to-read to clear and well organized

Sarah's printing was messy, with letter formation and sizes that were all over the place. As she followed the OT program, Sarah learned to write her name, spell out words, and organize her work on the page more effectively.

OT and assistive technology make school safer and easier for a child with cerebral palsy

Parents and school staff were worried about Nathaniel's ability to move safely and independently within the school and participate in school activities. Thanks to OT, he is able to manage better at school and keep up with the schoolwork.

OT-recommended assistive technology helps a boy with writing challenges

John had poor fine motor skills, which affected the speed and quality of his printing. As a result, he found it hard to keep up with his school work. OT worked with John to help him improve his fine motor and printing skills.

OT makes a big difference for a boy with a sensory processing disorder

A sensory processing disorder and learning disability made it difficult for Gregg to perform well in school and make friends. He received weekly therapy to develop sensory processing and now feels more comfortable socially.

Young man with a history of schizophrenia succeeds in entering the workforce

Diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 17, Joel worried employers would judge him before they had a chance to see what he could do. Thanks to the help and encouragement provided by the OT, Joel landed a job.

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