Occupational Therapy (OT) is a health profession
that empowers people of all ages to overcome
barriers in their everyday lives so they can
do more and live better.

How can I benefit from OT?

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Manage at

An OT (Occupational Therapist) can help you live at home safely and independently. They can help you or your family member manage skills like dressing or bathing, meal preparation, homemaking, or coping with a busy family schedule.

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Succeed at

Students can overcome difficulties at school with the guidance of an OT. OTs help students develop behavioural or social skills, handwriting and organizational skills. OTs can also work with teachers, make changes to the school environment, and introduce assistive technology to make school a better place for learning.

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Adapt at

Whether you're entering the workforce for the first time, going back to work after an illness or injury, or want a healthier workplace, an OT can provide you or your employer the support you need.

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Recover in a

OTs play an important role in health care teams. They provide rehabilitation and prepare you for the move from hospital to home, especially if your illness or injury has left you unable to look after yourself and do the things you usually do each day.

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Participate in the

Enjoying everything the community has to offer can be a challenge for those with limitations. OTs address accessibility and mobility, help people drive again, and support people with mental illness to enjoy life at home and in the community.

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